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Image by William Moreland


Aeropress is one of the best brewers we have both in the kitchen and on the road. We've taken it camping, to the office, and brewed coffee in the terminal while waiting for a flight. What kind of coffee does it make? Sweet, smooth and easy. It's a full immersion brew, like a French press, but filtered through paper like a pour over. And, like espresso, it uses a pressurized brewing environment to create a rich and silky body.

Image by Jonathan Sanchez


What You Need:

  • Freshly roasted cebe coffee roasters

  • Aeropress brewer kit - filter, stirrer, and scoop included

  • Grinder - ground to medium

  • Kettle

  • Mug - make sure the mouth is wide enough to fit the Aeropress

  • Scale (optional)

Brew Guide:

  • Makes 1 Cup

  • Grind - medium like sea salt

  • Brew Time - 2 min

  • Water Temp - 94C / 200F

  • Water to coffee ratio - 1 : 16

  • Recipe - 16g : 240g/ml

Let's Brew:

  1. Place the filter in the cap of the Aeropress and give it quick rinse to remove any paper taste from your coffee.

  2. With the filter in the cap, twist the cap into place on the end of the brewer and place over your mug.

  3. Add 1 scoop (16g) of ground coffee to the brewer, and pour your 94 C / 200F water over the coffee until the brewer is half filled (100g).

  4. Quickly stir the coffee and water together and then fill the Aeropress up until the water level is level with the number 4 on the side of the Aeropress (total of 240g).

  5. Place the rubber stopper just inside the barrel of the Aeropress, above the level of your coffee and water. This will create an airtight seal and keep the coffee from dripping through the filter into the cup before we want it to. Wait 1 min.

  6. Remove the rubber stopper, give a quick stir again, and press the plunger down slowly to filter your coffee.

  7. Enjoy!

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