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We love good coffee and the community around it. Coffee goes through many stages before it reaches your cup. It starts with the producer on the farm, followed by the harvest period and the different processing methods, before finally reaching the roasting process and preparation by a barista. We only buy the highest quality green beans and employ a gentle roasting style to bring out the subtle nuances of each coffee. For us, sustainability and traceability are key - we only work with green importers who have personal connections to producers. We then taste and test every single roast to ensure that the customer experiences a vibrant taste of the innate characteristics of each coffee.

As well as focusing on coffee quality, we also give a lot of thought to the comfort and design of our furniture. We strive to make our roastery and our following locations as comfortable as possible. We want our coffee to be accessible to everyone; inclusivity is vital for us. You don't have to be a coffee expert to visit us, all that matters is your interest. We always take time to exchanges as much information as possible with every guest. Our ideology, quite simply, is to welcome everyone and to provide exceptional coffee with no pretence.


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