Harvest: 2021

Altitude: 1300

Varieties: various

Process: wet hulled

Falvors: hazelnut, green tea


Amazing hand picked beans from Indonesia, perfect for espresso.

Roasted for Espresso.

Indonesia Mandheling SWP Decaf

14,50 €Price
1000 Grams
VAT Included
  • One of the best coffee's From Indonesia is here for try,
    if you want to know a little bit more about this origin, please completely read this text .

    Though renown as a growing region on Sumatra, Mandheling today has a more general meaning today. The name comes from the Mandailing tribe, who grow coffee in the Tapanuli area. The appellation can be applied to most coffees from the island of Sumatra. In this case, this regional lot comes from the original Mandheling region in the central Aceh highlands of Northern Sumatra. The harvest season in the region usually stretches from June to December. 
    Indonesia has a long coffee producing history, but recently their coffees have been overlooked by the specialty market. Thanks to our innovative and ever-expanding supply chain, we are proud to bring you high-quality coffees from many of Indonesia’s unique regions, accompanied by in-depth traceability information.

    Indonesia is perhaps best known for its unique wet hulling process (giling basah). Though its exact origins are unclear, wet hulling most likely originated in Aceh during the late 1970s.

    Wet hulling’s popularity can be attributed to producers’ need for prompt payments. It was also adopted specifically by many producers who lacked the drying infrastructure that was needed to shelter drying parchment from the high humidity and inconsistent rainfall typical in Sumatra. At higher elevations with constant humidity and unpredictable rainfall, drying can prove to be slow, risky and difficult.
    But these unique coffee beans, after fermentation and processing, are ready to be delivered to companies interested in buying to introduce you to these wonderful beans.