Origin:                     Yirgacheffe

Altitude:                  1900 - 2300 masl

Processing:            washed

Body:                       silky

Acidity:                    complex

Flavors:                    Peach, Apricot, Jasmine

Roast:                       omni ( filter, espresso )

Roasting date:       always up to date

Ethiopia Uraga Yirgacheffe washed Grade 1

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  • About This Coffee


    Uraga washing station deliver cherry from farmers in the surrounding region. Farmers are fortuitously located in Guji, a coffee growing region that was once part of Yirgacheffe but whose microclimate produces such unique coffee, that it was allocated as its own coffee growing region. 




    Farming methods in the region remain largely traditional. Yirgacheffe farmers typically intercrop their coffee plants with other food crops. This method is common among smallholders because it maximizes land use and provides food for their families.  

    In addition to remaining traditionally intercropped, most farms are also organic-by-default. Farmers in Yirgacheffe typically use very few—if any—fertilizers or pesticides. Most farm work is done manually by the immediate family. 

    To capitalize on the magnificent climate, Uraga washing station provides training to help farmers produce better quality cherry. Training focuses on procedures for harvesting and transporting cherry.


    Harvest & Post-Harvest


    Farmers selectively handpick ripe cherry and deliver it to Uraga. Cherry is hand sorted at intake, pulped and fermented for 48 hours. After fermentations, parchment is washed and then soaked in clear water before being brought to the raised drying beds where it will sundry for approximately 18 days.


    Ethiopia Grade 1


    Grades in Ethiopia depend on visual inspection for defects and on cup quality. Grade 1 is considered the highest quality coffee. Grade 1 and 2 are considered specialty coffee, grade 3-9 are classified as commercial coffee. Grade 1 is free of cup faults and taints and has zero quakers.

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